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  1. BU2scwMJL
    I refuse to wear a democrat diaper on my face.
  2. Calvin Vajdics
    Calvin Vajdics Torn and Frayed
    Thanks again buddy for the sale!
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  3. Adam R.
    Adam R. chiefjason
    I can send you my personal number if that helps; I’m not sure how to PM On the forum
    1. chiefjason
      That to email me at my schedule is pretty crazy so emails are easiest sometimes.
      Jul 4, 2020
  4. Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson
    Marksmanship Instructor, Charlotte NC
  5. BU2scwMJL
    Cancel the NFL
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  6. Calvin Vajdics
    Calvin Vajdics
    Working the 3rd shift
  7. Adam R.
    Adam R. chiefjason
    The leather on the back is fine. Would you have any images of the holster?
    1. chiefjason
      Jul 2, 2020
    2. chiefjason
      Well, it's not really letting me link a pic here. Can you send PM's?
      Jul 2, 2020
  8. rdinatal
    Alive, awake, and enthusiastic!
  9. Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds Sas quatch
    Hey I forgot I have range time scheduled for another customer tomorrow morning can you come by in the afternoon
  10. Adam R.
    Adam R. chiefjason
    Hello Chief,
    A friend recommended you to me in regards to you making some spare mag holsters for him. I have a Glock and shield. Are you still making mag holsters?
    1. chiefjason
      Yes I am. What are you looking for? single, double, hybrid, leather?
      Jun 30, 2020
    2. Adam R.
      Adam R.
      I would like a single mag; no leather please.
      Jul 1, 2020
    3. chiefjason
      OK, the hybrids are leather on the back. I don't do full kydex stuff. If you want the hybrids they are $25 shipped for the singles.
      Jul 1, 2020
  11. BU2scwMJL
    No more people-ing
  12. BU2scwMJL
    can we get this war over with already
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
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    2. Nic99
      Good quote....a new twist on one I've followed for years....."Argue with a fool, and people might not know the difference"....
      Jun 29, 2020
  14. Nic99
    If you're gonna go over the cliff, might as well go over in flames...
  15. Long_Hunter
    More folks are suffering from CNN-19 and MSNBC-19 than COVID-19 right now...
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  16. BU2scwMJL
    Who's ready for lockdown part deux?
  17. Long_Hunter
    During the pandemic, request protestors work from home and destroy their own property
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  18. the fly one
    the fly one Prosecutor
  19. BU2scwMJL
    Occupy Mars
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    2. SnowRooster
      Free Mars colony!
      Jun 24, 2020
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  20. Jakesf
  21. BU2scwMJL
    Let the virtue signaling games, BEGIN!
  22. 88Mustang
    It is a good day to be alive
  23. William elderdice
    William elderdice vaskeet
    I would be interested in partial trade. What were you thinking
  24. BU2scwMJL
    MY LIFE matters too
  25. William elderdice
    William elderdice zuerjoha
    I would do 1500 in package for 650
  26. AJoldfart
    Rioting is not a health risk as long as it helps the Democratic Party's prospects in the November election.
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  27. BU2scwMJL
    Not really enjoying this new "damned if you do, damned if you don't" way of life...
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  28. AirborneGruntCIB
    Hi all! I’m a married Christian; Combat Vet (AFG/OEF 7-10) & former Deputy (3rd GEN LE); lover & defender of the Constitution! Glad 2B here!
  29. TSConver
    TSConver Bob Reynolds
    Hey Bob, welcome aboard.
  30. AJoldfart
    My Specialty: Jet Ski Brake Repair
  31. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Pbj ak
    My apologies to you sir. You liked that I had killed the wizard earlier this week but I did not. My top circle was 6in when actually it should have been 4 in. I am going out to the garage now to trim up my cardboard circles and hopefully in the next few days I will kill that SOB.
  32. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Combat Diver
    My apologies to you sir. You liked that I killed the wizard but I did not kill him. I thought the top circles were six inches when they are actually supposed to be four inches. I am going out to the garage now to trim up my cardboard circles and hopefully in the next few days I will kill that SOB. Be safe out there
  33. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Jeppo
    My apologies to you sir. You liked that I killed the wizard but I did not kill him. my top circles are 6 inches instead of the official 4 inches. I am going to trim some cardboard now and in the next couple of days hopefully kill that SOB
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    2. Jeppo
      Well, for sure you put him out of commission. ;-)
      May 28, 2020
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  34. Joshua Needham
    Joshua Needham TSConver
    Headed out to pick up a 700 SA from a member in your vicinity.
    If its available I will stop buy and give you your asking price on the stock while I am up there.
    Leaving the house now, so I won't be able to get anything but phone communications.
    If you want to text me its 336-367-5001.
  35. mechdriver
    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem
  36. GTO
    enjoying the quiet
  37. Pink_Vapor
    Pink_Vapor Notgoodatfakenames
    Great name choice!
  38. BU2scwMJL
    Get on with it
  39. SDIVER2006
    SDIVER2006 Treemanhoward
    I’m up for the box?
  40. Long_Hunter
    One of those days when my sarcasm and sincerity are the same thing...