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  1. Windage-n-Elevation
    I really think that we need a casino in the MIDDLE of the state. The one we have is too far away. I need a FIX!
  2. nc_reb
    Class 1 FFL holder.
  3. Windage-n-Elevation
    Don'cha just feel better bein' around gun nuts? Oh hell yeah!
  4. nc_reb
    Just found this forum... Been wandering around with the crickets and tumbleweeds at the "other" site.
  5. Friday
    Friday chiefjason
  6. Love2shoot
  7. TWB
    Shoot straight and shoot often.
  8. LTC Don
    LTC Don
    Some days you are the statue, other days, you are the bird.
  9. SilvrSRT10
    I'm fine thank you, how are you?
  10. SilvrSRT10
  11. SilvrSRT10
    I think I'm confused, no maybe I'm not.
  12. SilvrSRT10
    I think I'm confused, no wait, maybe I'm not.
  13. SDIVER2006
    Dont Start None--Wont Be None
  14. SDIVER2006
    Dont Start None
  15. Jerome
    Jerome knifeman32
    I'm looking for a reasonable snub nosed revolver. I was wondering what you might have.
  16. InvisibleOne
    Resident Hermit
  17. Inglis
    Grilling out in the woods with big foot.
  18. jmccracken1214
    jmccracken1214 Matt K
    Wont let me post feedback for NFA items. Ill post here.

    Thanks again and hope you enjoy the mower!
  19. Slacker
    They call me Bruce.
  20. brooks28
    Glad to be part of a Great Forum
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    2. MuzzerFuzzer
      That's wonderful! When they kick ya out you can come stay with us in this one. :D
      Jun 3, 2017
  21. MuzzerFuzzer
    MuzzerFuzzer Steve L
    Ok...I can't leave normal feedback so I'ma leave some kudos n stuff for Steve here. He's another fine person I have met from our group here. He picked up a rifle for me after driving from Apex to Asheville, and took the time to chat a while. Then refused to take anything from me until I pressed. The details of that part of the meeting are in the works. I found another person I could trust . Made for a great day! :)
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  22. Windini
    Principally Uncertain
  23. MuzzerFuzzer
    MuzzerFuzzer Lord of War
    When I see stuff in public like "easy","flexible","don't bite","goodies in the box", "can't get into your pants" and "throwed off" ? I can't help but think you're fabulous to deal with and probably a great guy. ;)
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  24. DarrenC
    DarrenC Lord of War
    Flexible and met me as I asked. Pants didn't fit but perfectly as described. Wouldn't hesitate to meet for another deal.
  25. Truegrit4311
    Truegrit4311 Medicmike84
    Welcome to a fun place.
  26. JohnFreeman
    JohnFreeman Articulate
    Hi ! Would you consider $100 and meet you in Raleigh this weekend?
  27. mil-spec
    AWOL & lovin it.
  28. 5.56spartan
    Lucky me....
  29. Teacher
    Teacher Milamber
    Great transaction! Thanks!
  30. jmccracken1214
    jmccracken1214 Tacticalshelfshooter
    Good guy to deal with!
  31. Gunny70
    Gunny70 jmccracken1214
    Thx again. Nice meeting you.
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  32. Murph XIII
    Murph XIII
    Proud Cackalackan
    MCROADKING MadMardigan
    About as local a trade as I can make...Standup guy AA+
    MCROADKING Cpippen
    Easy, honest trade...thanks!
  35. MadMardigan
    MadMardigan MCROADKING
    +1 easy to deal with, good guy.
  36. East of Here
    East of Here RFMan
    Excellent transaction! Thanks!
  37. fuelpiper
    fuelpiper Teacher
    Excellent seller! Fast shipping, deal with confidence!
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  38. Teacher
    Teacher fuelpiper
    Perfect transaction! A+!
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  39. MuzzerFuzzer
    MuzzerFuzzer 1911gobang
    Ok guys, here's another one that's great to deal with. He's kinda big, so don't act up! He's a great guy and he did me a big solid by drivin 3/4 the way here.
  40. RFMan
    RFMan East of Here
    Smooth transaction today, and nice meeting you!
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    2. East of Here
      East of Here
      Thanks! Pleasure meeting you too!
      Apr 25, 2017