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  1. BU2scwMJL
    Al Bundy is my spirit brother.
  2. Grayman
    Check out our post in the Classifieds Accessory section. We are giving away a FREE holster for Fathers Day!!!
  3. Long_Hunter
    Want to know how to clear out an Iranian bingo parlor? B....52
  4. Grayman
    Fathers Day giveaway!! Free IWB holster, check out our Facebook Page for details!!
  5. BU2scwMJL
    Shoot first, ask questions later. Duh!
  6. SDIVER2006
    SDIVER2006 TSConver
    Are you on NC4X4
    As well?
  7. William elderdice
    William elderdice Butter
    How do I arrange payment and pickup of 6000
  8. TheAverageShooter
  9. BU2scwMJL
    The only time I use the word "liberally" is talking about steak seasoning.
  10. Grayman
    1. Ferrisfan
      Do you have a list of all your available colors? I've seen some P40 Warhawk Kydex and was wondering if you can get that.
      May 14, 2019
    2. Grayman
      I am looking for it, If you have a link to where we can get it, we can get it and make the holster you want
      May 14, 2019
    3. Grayman
      We are also experimenting with custom printing on kydex, if you want to send me a picture you want on the holster we can try it out.
      May 14, 2019
  11. BU2scwMJL
    My love for German guns gets me every time...
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  12. Glade8r
    I would take $140 for it if you come to Franklinton to pick it up. You can text/call me at 919-806-7569 Jamie
  13. Midliferally
    Old guy, (grandpa), life is good!
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  14. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon 98mauser
    I would come get the dryer but am going out of town for a week. Any way you could hold onto it till May 16ish when I return.
  15. William elderdice
    William elderdice Glade8r
    Hi. Would u take $140 for it.
  16. BU2scwMJL
    We call 911 after you hit the ground at my house.
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  17. Chuckman
    Pontificating life's ironies and applying violence to fix them....
  18. BU2scwMJL
    "good enough for government work" should not be said to you as a patient at the VA.
  19. BU2scwMJL
    When are the liberals going to start the revolutionary slap fight war?
  20. BU2scwMJL
    There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
  21. Glade8r
    Sorry, just now seeing this. Yes this is a PM. Usually I will get an email notification but did not this time.
  22. BU2scwMJL
    Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.
  23. William elderdice
    William elderdice Glade8r
    Is this considered a PM. I would like to make an offer to you.
  24. hustle man
    hustle man
    Thank you for your business, we will have great things to sell for your happiness.
  25. BU2scwMJL
    [insert anti-liberal statement here]
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    2. Grayman
      May 14, 2019
  26. Aardvark
  27. Aardvark
    Fighting Weight
  28. Long_Hunter
    Was told today that my PTSD is nothing more than "spicy nostalgia"...never heard it described that way, but hell yeah, I'll drink to that
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  29. BU2scwMJL
    Blah blah blah something snarky blah blah blah.
  30. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Slacker
    Hey slacker, just noticed that you are following me now. I'm not even sure I know what that means but I won't be hard to keep up with. Do you shoot at dprc?
    1. Slacker
      Occasionally as a guest, but I am not a member. I'm also in Durham, so wanted to say hello.
      Apr 14, 2019
  31. BU2scwMJL
    Wanted: Someone to go shooting with.
  32. MostWanted
    MostWanted Love2shoot
    I'd enjoy going fishing with you. Do you remember when we swapped some messages about the time you arrived in NC? I'm retiring and so I should be available most any time after Memorial Day. I live in Lochmere, a subdivision in Cary that has a nice lake with some good bass and a few crappie in it. It's only open to Lochmere residents and no electric motors. It's great for kayaking.
    1. Love2shoot
      I definitely do, funny I remember it clear as day you had a post about open carry and thats what started the conversation. I think it was even on the other board years ago. Id absolutely go let me know when you free up. That should work for me also as I will be wrapping up a weekend training that I am going to since January.
      Apr 9, 2019
  33. bondjamesbond
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  34. Glockshooter56
    Glockshooter56 Dustin Carpenter
    Hey once I figure this feedback thing I will leave you feedback
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  35. Glockshooter56
    Glockshooter56 Dustin Carpenter
    New CZ P07 with owb holster and $250 cash for the Kimber ?
    1. Dustin Carpenter
      Dustin Carpenter
      Yes.... I have to work till 5pm tomorrow but I could meet you some time after that
      Apr 5, 2019
    2. Glockshooter56
      That will work, let me know where. 704-616-2324 just send me a text
      Apr 5, 2019
    3. Dustin Carpenter
      Dustin Carpenter
      Ok will do... my number is 704-530-5734
      Apr 5, 2019
  36. Dustin Carpenter
    Dustin Carpenter Glockshooter56
    $250 and the cz
    1. Glockshooter56
      I’ll do the trade if you would like to meet tomorrow afternoon around 3 or 4. I’m in Cherryville
      Apr 5, 2019
  37. tanstaafl72555
    "I always thought he was sort of a douchebag, myself"
  38. Flounderfs92
    Flounderfs92 Greg P
    what up! nice to see you in here.
  39. BU2scwMJL
    Pissing off Liberals since 1988.
  40. Exodus5