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  1. PrecisionBluing
    For all of you hunters out there, check out our Matte Finish! It's non-reflective, and the most durable finish!
  2. camara53
    Because I care, I carry.
  3. Rick119
    Rick119 BigWaylon
    Can you tell me why I have to reset my P/W on every visit? Been here since Howard invited me near the beginning and all has been fine but it seems lately passwords are acting up.

    Thanks in advance, Rick
  4. DLam
    μολὼν λαβέ
  5. Jeppo
  6. New Atlantis Lost
    New Atlantis Lost
    Headed to VA to see my bro in law graduate from USAF tech school!
  7. New Atlantis Lost
    New Atlantis Lost
    Updated me profile picture to somethin more forum appropriate, Conan the Barbarian! CROM
  8. 7.62Shooter
    7.62Shooter vp9c
    @vp9c +1 for Adam. Great guy. Honest and on time. Was a pleasure to do business with! Wouldn't hesitate to do another deal.
  9. MuzzerFuzzer
    Gettin real tired of underwear and responsibilities .
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  10. East of Here
    East of Here Majicmike
    Mike - I took the SVT out to FLD today and it shot flawlessly. It grouped well at 100 yards and I was able to easily bang the steel plate at 300 yards with it time after time. Thanks for a great rifle!

    1. Majicmike
      Really glad you liked it. Bout time you shot it, lol
      Aug 27, 2017
  11. Mr. Bggs
    Mr. Bggs powwowell
    i just got back on the forum and saw your avatar and remembered that i bought a set of 1911 grips from you a few years back and forgot to send you the money and you said its no rush, take your time. of course i overnight-ed it the next day but Ive always remembered your understanding and overall pleasantness. glad to see your still on here buddy. i hope i wrote this in the right place.
  12. KnotRight
    Waiting to take the Sea Pro out before the end of the summer. The 1975 Mako is going under the knife for a complete make over.
  13. fieldgrade
    fieldgrade Short Fuse
    Short Fuse is the man! Great doing business with you, and thanks for your past help!
  14. MuzzerFuzzer
    MuzzerFuzzer New Atlantis Lost
    This is kinda like gettin a tattoo , isn't it?
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  15. MuzzerFuzzer
    MuzzerFuzzer New Atlantis Lost
    "fieldgrade: Don't call me Shirley." ? I'm so glad ya did that. I backspaced it out a few times. :D
  16. fieldgrade
    fieldgrade New Atlantis Lost
    Don't call me Shirley.
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  17. New Atlantis Lost
    New Atlantis Lost
    Surely, you can't be serious
  18. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon RFMan
    I live in Durham so Cary is no problem. I can pick up Saturday afternoon after I move a daughter back to college in High Point. I'm not sure about Sunday since I have to help move my son back to college in Shelby. I'll bring cash. We can meet wherever you want.
  19. pipboy344
  20. Hammer21b
    Hammer21b powwowell
    Talk about fast shipping! Paid for it yesterday, pulled it out of the mailbox this morning! Thanks!
  21. WesleyMM
    WesleyMM B00ger
    My post was reported and removed after reading the rules I can find where I can not post as a vendor
  22. pipboy344
    pipboy344 Stout
    Prepare for the Future!
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  23. Jeppo
    Old fart, with guns
  24. FishHunt
    Be Good and you will be lonesome. - Mark Twain
  26. Combat Diver
    Combat Diver Mightyox04
    I'm on the other side on the coast. Did you get my emails?
    1. Mightyox04
      I did not. Resend the email please.
      Aug 10, 2017
  27. Combat Diver
    Combat Diver Mightyox04
    Where are you located?
    1. Mightyox04
      Asheboro NC. Im out of town currently.
      Aug 10, 2017
  28. dubnali
  29. GTO
    Would you like me to post the 45 cal on the handgun forum?
  30. Meckmeister
    Meckmeister MuzzerFuzzer
    Duly noted and thanks.
  31. Coltdefender1911
  32. Jeff Hunter SCCarry
    Jeff Hunter SCCarry Geezer
    is there a way to change profile name? thanks
    1. Geezer
      Yes, just let me know what you want it changed to and I'll change it.
      Aug 5, 2017
  33. Gun Dude
    Gun Dude GIXXERMAN
    Straight up guy to deal with, and nice meeting him.
  34. Jim1392
    Jim1392 Butter
    I sent a check for an annual membership on 6/25. Did it make it???
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    2. Jim1392
      Thanks, we seem to have a problem here in Huntersville with outgoing mail. Sent a birthday card to a friend in Davidson and it took over a week. Way too long. And it only seems like local or NC mail since I sent a birthday card to my son in NJ and it made it there in 4 days. Go figure.
      Aug 2, 2017
    3. Butter
      Got it. Its my fault, I dont check it enough. Made the changes to your account
      Aug 2, 2017
    4. Jim1392
      Thanks again for checking for it.
      Aug 2, 2017
  35. PrecisionBluing
  36. 6br shooter
    6br shooter Brittdani1025
    Glad to see we got another younger shooter like me.
  37. TripleO7
    On A Mission
  38. bluemosquito
    Need more ammo.
  39. OverMountainMan
  40. John Wilson
    John Wilson Miss Lily
    Miss lily, I was told to contact a moderator for a vender account so I can post training classes. By any chance do you have any info on how I could go about doing this? been running into dead ends.