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    Magpul SL-k stock still available?
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    SOLD Palmetto AK

    Still around?
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    SOLD SOLD/SAR1 AK for trade....

    Taking cash offers?
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    SOLD WTS: Remingto 870 & Mossberg 590

    I’m interested in the remington.
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    SOLD UPDATED Saiga 20g cash or trade

    Still available? Ready to meet ASAP if it is
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    NC/SC Wts/wtt mossberg 590 shockwave fde

    Still available?
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    NC WTB Mossberg 590/590A1/Shockwave

    Looking for a tactical shotgun, preferably a mossberg 590, but will also be open to a 500.
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    NC New KAC rail covers, aimpoint mounts, NVG stuff, etc.

    Also have an AMT 80% jig, $100
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    NC New KAC rail covers, aimpoint mounts, NVG stuff, etc.

    I’ve got 2 full packs of brand new KAC rail covers, all different sizes ($25 each pack) 3 aimpoint mounts for M16 carry handle ($20 each) 3 PVS weapons mounts ($30 each), a PEQ box pressure switch w/ matching tangodown rail covers ($15), helmet harness for NVG ($15), skullcrusher harness for...
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    SOLD Del Ton 308 barrel assembly LR 308 style

    Is this still available? I’m in southern pines and can pick up as soon as tonight/tomorrow morning.
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    NC AMT 80% AR-15 Jig

    For sale is a brand new AMT 80% lower AR-15 jig. No tooling included. Is unopened and has never been used. Bought the jig, and while it was shipping a friend gave me one I liked better. $125 or trade for AR-10 parts or a 12.5 inch 5.56 barrel. Also interested in optics, just offer up.
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    Searching for a gunsmith!

    Hello all, I’m in the process of building another AR, and I had an extra upper with a 16 inch barrel. I want to cut it down to about 12.5, and have it re-crowned and threaded. I’m in the aberdeen/southern pines area. Please let me know!
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    SOLD SPF 1000 Rounds of 62grain SS109

    Still interested in selling? I’d like about 400 rounds.
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    NC Century arms C308 (CETME)

    Still looking for trades, would take AR-10 (or just the lowers plus cash depending).
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    Just saw it was sold, my apologies.
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