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  1. Ikarus1

    T-Mobile internet

    I use Pageplus cellular $55 unlimited plan by activating the sim with an older unlocked phone and then installing it in an older hotspot. They tend to start throttling data after about 200GB but it's thru Verizon towers so its fast.
  2. Ikarus1

    Are You Stocked Up?

    Yep. We are basically in a holding pattern here, full time RV living, hauling in about 100 gallons of water every week, and about to start hunting season so yea. Covered wagon and guns pointing out.
  3. Ikarus1

    Great way to spend a day off... Fighting Identity Theft & Going to the DMV

    Verizon called me from a town near Chicago but across the state line in Indiana and said some A-hole had came in the store and tried to open a line and buy phones. They had a fake SS card and my name and info on a license but his face on the ID. But he didn't know my current Verizon info like...
  4. Ikarus1

    Pecan trees, HELP!!

    If they're near your home or over concrete you care about...harvest them with a chain saw. I hate those damn trees
  5. Ikarus1

    Getting AK mags these days?

    Bought a case of 42 a few years ago. Still got 20 or so and they work well in my Yugo AK. Not sure I would spend more than $6 a mag for a crap AK [emoji28]
  6. Ikarus1

    Question about open carry.

    Get a chest rig from Kenai or Aliengear
  7. Ikarus1

    Armslist paid only now?

    Armslost. I won't miss it because its like the worst of the BST without any consequences
  8. Ikarus1

    La Crosse county Wis. plans ammo collection event

    I am having a gold and silver disposal pick up. Just call me before that silver tarnishes and the gold starts to lose it's luster. Good grief, I though Wisconsin people had more sense than that. I mean the Dremel tool was invented there.
  9. Ikarus1

    NC WTB 6.5 Grendel

    good luck. I can't even find BCGs in stock. When I got mine it was a niche cartridge, but maybe everyone else found out
  10. Ikarus1

    Different qualities of lead?

    Or just powdercoat them and size
  11. Ikarus1

    Different qualities of lead?

    50/50 with ACWW alloy and 2% tin makes perfect pistol bullets up to about 1100fps
  12. Ikarus1

    PSA - Sandy Ridge Rd. I-40 area.

    yeah.....I have gotten gas in an area much worse than described - Sugar Creek and I-85 at Reagan drive. The boogaboos hang out in a motel next door that is separated by a 10ft chain link fence from the Shell parking lot. A less-than-freshly dressed young man in his early 20s was asking various...
  13. Ikarus1

    Joe Biden’s Gun Agenda Could Cost AR-15 Owners $3.6 Billion in Taxes for Guns They Already Own

    good luck. He would have better luck collecting unpaid sales taxes from all the internet purchases around the country for the last 20 years.
  14. Ikarus1

    Different qualities of lead?

    pure lead aka plumbers lead, is BHN ~5 and is easily marked by a #2 pencil (marked as is gouged) in fact, art pencils are the easiest way to determine relative hardness of soft metals. There's a chart out there off Castboolits that I printed out and use. But yeah, it would need some alloying...
  15. Ikarus1

    Heads Up - Academy Sports in Mooresville NC has Glocks in stock.

    So do all my LGS...doesnt matter when you cant find ammo
  16. Ikarus1

    Ruger Wrangler?

    Waiting on the inevitable 10 shot model
  17. Ikarus1

    Skeeters! What gives?

    Thermocell /discussion
  18. Ikarus1


    Taking Mexican match to the next level
  19. Ikarus1

    new home on wheels but it's not tiny

    Love it. Family loves it more than I do. I Couldn't have bought more truck for the money IMO. The roadmaster suspension was worth every penny as it helped tremendously with the trailer and helped without it in the twisties
  20. Ikarus1

    new home on wheels but it's not tiny

    Tackling the gate posts this week after 2 uninvited guests that could not read posted and painted property showed up this week. 13ft x 22" cedar posts buried 3ft deep should last a while
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