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    T-Mobile internet

    I think the net _difference_ is 30%. 1/3 less, not 2/3 less. Even 1/3 is a lot. In terms of latency it is evidently playable for video games. I’m sure not for really good players that need every possible edge, at least not yet, but SO much better than HughesNet and the like. More satellites will...
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    T-Mobile internet

    You aren't aware of how Starlink works then. The satellite to satellite connections are lasers. No RF except for the ground links. And I think the net difference in speed to half way around the world is about 30% - like NY to Shanghai for instance. That is HUGE, and will put the undersea cables...
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    Cal's Gals; 2nd Mistress named, so where does that leave the Wife & Mistress # 1?

    So, how exactly does that matter? You don’t like his style. Neither do I. But it works. He got elected with it AND he has accomplished more good in his first term, in spite of the media and RINOs, than any president I know of except FDR who accomplished evil. Deregulation, lower taxes, peace in...
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    T-Mobile internet

    Not arguing, just trying to understand. What is an “anchor tenant” for an ISP? The latency through vacuum of satellites messaging around the is actually lower/better than through undersea fiber optic cables. I bet he can charge financial companies extra for priority traffic. I think he...
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    T-Mobile internet

    Why down on Starlink? It is working in private beta and going to public beta in weeks. They are launching 60 satellites every other week and have been for a while and are over 800 already in orbit. I hope I have a better alternative for rural broadband than to give Bezos more money.
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    Cal's Gals; 2nd Mistress named, so where does that leave the Wife & Mistress # 1?

    I usually have a few Libertarian votes, and used to occasionally be a Dim I could vote for but that time is long past. Also first time all R in a long time. Basically, it comes down to we need at least a remote chance of some justice and swamp draining over the next 4 years. I know it's a long...
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    Broward, lessons ~ Cheat Better: 4th Circuit Gives Victory to NC D's, Ballots Count 9 Days after, No Wit Sig

    Not TOO urgent - we want Barrett on the court before the appeal.
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    I don't want a GMC anything, but that looks pretty good. Competition is good for everyone.
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    Piece of cake - just bring some solar panels with you. With good weather, you could recharge in just a couple of months!
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    Site Upgraded 10-21-2020

    If you are used to certain things that aren't appearing, make sure you are logged in. The upgrade evidently logged me out at least.
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    Would you buy land in VA?

    Nope. Some counties in NC, although maybe eventually SC (but not the counties with the cities).
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    Mortgage, Car Payments, Credit Cards: How to easily pay less interest and more principal...

    The entire point #2 is incorrect. It makes no sense. _Currently_ due interest is paid first, period. They aren't allowed to apply extra payments to _future_ interest. (Many banks used to do that, so paying extra paid future interest instead of principal - which should have been criminal and now...
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    Best deal Ive see for a rifle form 1 silencer.

    Very interesting. Is the titanium version for an extra 150 a better idea? Is it drillable with normal HSS bits? Does anyone have any experience with this seller?
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    Trump has the Rona

    I suspect that the president doesn’t get false positive tests. There a several tests, and you can be sure that he had every single one after Hope Hicks was positive. I think he has about a 5% chance of it being a serious problem but we know a lot more about how to treat it now and he will get...
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    Mars Near Approach

    Yes. Have you seen them lately? They are up to about 1000 in LEO now, and adding about 100/mo. The first string (or a few) they launched was pretty visible but I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it lately with lots more in orbit. And the benefit of affordable fast low latency internet...
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    Mars Near Approach

    Why evil?
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    Looking for the smallest case for a 27" long bulky rifle

    I assume an AR that short is a pistol. A tennis racquet bag is about 30” long, fits an AR pistol fine (30rd mag and Aimpoint PRO) and covert enough to leave unattended in the front passenger seat of the car.
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    Recycling is BS

    Exactly. If it makes sense to do it, there would be a natural market incentive. If it doesn’t make economic sense, then it just doesn’t make sense.
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    NRA insurance increase at PHA

    Yes - it is not the NRA itself doing the insurance. I don’t think that would be a very good idea - huge potential liability that could be used to take the whole thing down (if it survives Wayne). If you still have a contact there, and could PM me an email at that club that might be able to...
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