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  1. BowWow

    Medication and sleep

    Dude.......have you tried jerking off more often? That tends to help me fall asleep.
  2. BowWow

    NC Springfield M1a

    That is a.beautiful stock.
  3. BowWow

    My New Spyderco

    I like my knives how i like my women........... With handles big enough to hang on to!!! My FIL loves the small folders , but i never could get a feel for it. Love the mini Spyderco!
  4. BowWow

    The end of life as we know it

    ........i didnt even know it still existed in the last 25+ years. That stuff was buck nasty.
  5. BowWow

    New Puppy, Help me name it?

    Baxter, Cletus, and Chewie were all winners....... Another one on the silly side..... Spanky
  6. BowWow

    Found a new pet in my garage today

    Off with its head!!
  7. BowWow

    Who parked in Midway?

    A wanna be redneck.....that is not a truck.
  8. BowWow

    2008 Tundra squeak

    @The Dude The dust shield is a thin metal plate that is behind the brakes. They can get bent during front end work. Jack the front end up and turn the wheels by hand.....if you hear the noise then, see if the rotor is rubbing the dust shield. If so, gently pry the shield back a bit with a...
  9. BowWow

    2008 Tundra squeak

    You don't see many grease fittings on Japanese vehicles, but after Google Fu.... the Tundras have them at the Driveshaft U-Joints. Wear indicators on brakes??? Maybe after 15 mph the wind noise drowns it out?? Accelerate to 15 mph and apply the brakes to see if the noise stops..... this might...
  10. BowWow

    Passing of a member: Mushu Gordon isn't always perfect or some fantasy dream........but it's worth hanging around for........ RIP Mushu
  11. BowWow


    That was a drill chuck!!
  12. BowWow


    Holy compressed load!!
  13. BowWow

    Help me decide on a PCC

    I checked the trigger pull on the roogah, it was 4.25 lbs with a short amount of creep. For a factory trigger on a semi auto......that is very good.
  14. BowWow

    Finger prints for form 1

    Capital Armory has a tutorial on YouTube for filling out the cards if you do this yourself.
  15. BowWow

    Help me decide on a PCC

    @GregB I had some promising results today..... Stock sandbags with a 3x9 scope at 100 yards. I only tried 124-126 grain bullets today an my groups.ranged from 3.25 inches to 5 inches. My best 2 groups came from a 126 hard cast semi wadcutter. (.356 diameter) averaging 1200...
  16. BowWow

    pier fishing with the wife

    No matter who catches the most fish, you have already won!!
  17. BowWow

    when did (9mm) load data change so dramatically?

    They have to error on the side of caution......under certain conditions maybe the old maximum charges could be a safety issue. Most all relaoding data is a touch on the weak or safe side. Maybe the +P section is intended for "as you dare" loads.
  18. BowWow

    Structural integrity of deck

    .......i think you should be good to go. I think. .........the purpose of the braces is to unitize the seperate sections of the deck. It shouldn't matter if they tie into the bottom 1/3 of the post or the bottom 1/3. The graphic from @J R Green being the most common i remember seeing.
  19. BowWow

    2010 Ford F150 4.6 L V-8 knocking?

    A lower end knock will have a lower pitch sound.....more of a thud that a ticking sound. Lifer noise is common.....
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