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    NC glock 27 for sale

    no box, if I find a box i'll send it to you or who ever buys it. I could not tell you what gen it is. If there is something I can look at and tell you what gen it is, let me know. I am not a Glock geek. :)
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    NC glock 27 for sale

    This is a 40 cal glock subcompact. works well, has the one magazine and the 'holster'. $600 plus shipping. Your FFL must accept from a Non FFL. If we meet in person, I just need proof you are a local NC resident. Letting me look at your DL will suffice. I am in Asheville, NC, I'll drive up to...
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    SOLD AR15

    those side charging handles are wicked and very useful! I like 'em! good price!
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    NC AR 15 for sale

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    NC 5.56 brass for sale NEW

    updated post because I have some more for sale.
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    NC 5.56 brass for sale NEW

    PM's sent, both sold, I'll mark appropriately
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    NC 5.56 brass for sale NEW

    pending transaction. and bonus! found another box of the same! so, if anyone is interested I have another box available.
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    NC 5.56 brass for sale NEW

    I have a few more boxes of 1,000 NEW brass. Manufacturer is Vairog EU $115 shipped per box of 1,000 check, MO, or Zelle, sorry no paypal first post here , then PM me with your address, I will then give you payment details If you are in the Asheville NC area I will...
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    SOLD S&W AR 15 for sale

    I believe this is just the standard Model M&P 15 no box, no book, not sure how old it is because I don't know when S&W produced this model or how long, if it's still in production, I could not tell you. Not sure on the round count but barrel mirror clean, and no carbon fouling that I can see. I...
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    SOLD S&W AR 15 for sale

    no takers? thought this was a good price!
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    SOLD S&W AR 15 for sale

    I have a S&W AR 15 for sale. $625. I live in the Asheville, NC area. Willing to drive 30-45 min to meet for the sale. If you want it shipped it's extra, and your FFL must willing to receive from a non FFL. Here are the pictures.
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    M1 Garand Questions

    cheaper than a new op rod.
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    M1 Garand Questions

    get an adjustable gas plug for your Garand. tune it to the ammo you want.
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    Am I pushing things?

    does it feed? should be fine if it feeds
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    I’m wasting time loading 223

    10,000 rnds? that's not much and you've ruined 4 FL resizers? I'd suggest you clean your sizer die often, it should last at least 100,000 rnds.
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    NC 1k 5,56 brass fully processed, 500pcs 300blqckout

    I'LL TAKE THE 1,000 PCS OF 5.56 FOR $50 SHIPPED presuming they are once fired?
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    How to get started

    first thing I always recommend is to go and buy one book. the hornady reloading manual set. read the first several chapters, they will give you all the basic info you will need to start reloading. And they have a glossary of word definitions in the back you can look at.
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    223 Bullet ID help

    there are only a couple of manufacturers of 64 gr 22 cal bullets, i'd start looking through some bullet maker literature to see what you find. Odds are you can match it up easy enough.
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    Asheville gunshow Oct 2019

    Who plans on going?
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    greensboro gun show

    I was there with two tables. Met a few of you, hope to see you again.
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