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  1. bondjamesbond

    Dating site/man rant

    Millie, if you want us to, a few of us will get together and go out and find you a man. We will leave him at your front door. The rope burns and skin tears from the duct tape when you take it off will heal in no time. He will probably be real glad to see you.
  2. bondjamesbond

    SOLD Black Aces Tactical Bullpup Semi Auto 12 ga NIB

    Dang, missed this one.
  3. bondjamesbond

    Site Upgraded 10-21-2020

    Dang, it sure is purdy! Thanks guys.
  4. bondjamesbond

    2020 gardening thread

    Dug taters yesterday. We got almost twenty bushels, enough for four families. Was a good yield for no more effort than I put in to raising them.
  5. bondjamesbond

    Take a Kid Hunting (Pics) 2020

    Dang! That was a heck of a day for both of ya.
  6. bondjamesbond

    Crap! CRAP!! What should I do?

    Yep. You are done for.
  7. bondjamesbond

    Prayers for a brother

    Prayers for you and your family bro. This has been a rough year.
  8. bondjamesbond

    Waynesville, Oct 24, 25

    I will have a couple of tables there.
  9. bondjamesbond


    Baseball, bat.
  10. bondjamesbond

    Please say a prayer for this young lady.

  11. bondjamesbond

    Joe Biden’s Gun Agenda Could Cost AR-15 Owners $3.6 Billion in Taxes for Guns They Already Own

    It would cost more to implement this "program" and enforce it than it could ever bring in. So it's not about the money.
  12. bondjamesbond

    What y'all liking for truck tires?

    My 2010 Tundra came with the BFG all terrain new, which didn't wear as well as I thought they should. I have Falkan Wild Peak on it now. They are wearing great, but after about 45K on them they are hydroplaning sob's.
  13. bondjamesbond

    New Puppy, Help me name it?

  14. bondjamesbond

    Weekly snake thread

    That one would be DRT.
  15. bondjamesbond

    New Puppy, Help me name it?

  16. bondjamesbond

    Forum Virgin

    What the heck is going on in this room? Welcome TTT to our forum.
  17. bondjamesbond

    Trail camera pictures

    The bass turd.
  18. bondjamesbond

    Passing of a member: Mushu Gordon

    Damn it. Mushu was a fun guy. I hope you are at peace now Mushu. Stand down Marine. Guys, we never know what someone else is going through, just sorry it came to this for Mushu.
  19. bondjamesbond

    Canning supply shortage

    Dang, stuff them jars full of 9mm ammo and sell for the current rate for both jar and ammo and you would be a very wealthy man.
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