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  1. NPaz

    NC WTB Mossberg 590/590A1/Shockwave

    Looking for a tactical shotgun, preferably a mossberg 590, but will also be open to a 500.
  2. NPaz

    NC New KAC rail covers, aimpoint mounts, NVG stuff, etc.

    I’ve got 2 full packs of brand new KAC rail covers, all different sizes ($25 each pack) 3 aimpoint mounts for M16 carry handle ($20 each) 3 PVS weapons mounts ($30 each), a PEQ box pressure switch w/ matching tangodown rail covers ($15), helmet harness for NVG ($15), skullcrusher harness for...
  3. NPaz

    NC AMT 80% AR-15 Jig

    For sale is a brand new AMT 80% lower AR-15 jig. No tooling included. Is unopened and has never been used. Bought the jig, and while it was shipping a friend gave me one I liked better. $125 or trade for AR-10 parts or a 12.5 inch 5.56 barrel. Also interested in optics, just offer up.
  4. NPaz

    Searching for a gunsmith!

    Hello all, I’m in the process of building another AR, and I had an extra upper with a 16 inch barrel. I want to cut it down to about 12.5, and have it re-crowned and threaded. I’m in the aberdeen/southern pines area. Please let me know!
  5. NPaz

    NC Century arms C308 (CETME)

    I’ve got a C308 up for sale. Maybe 300 rounds thru it, wood furniture has been sanded down and refinished. Comes with 8 magazines. Would love a trade for some kind of AR-10 or another type of battle rifle. Cash price is $700.
  6. NPaz

    Correct forum for boog and other firearms/national news memes?

    I’ve noticed many of you share the same feelings I do in regards to what would happen should the illegal and immoral become law and attempts are made to confiscate our weapons, and I for one love the boogaloo memes and would like to share them. However, I don’t want to post them in the wrong...
  7. NPaz

    Hello everyone, much appreciation.

    Hey y’all, Appreciate being able to be a member of the forum. My buddy, Johnny, said he’s been here for a while and it’s filled with like-minded people, so I couldn’t resist. Thanks again!
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