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  1. frakncylons

    NC Leather thumb break revolver holster

    @Zack1513, I picked up this holster.
  2. frakncylons

    Can it be fixed?

    I only have a couple, a 76 Outlaw in root beer float acrylic and a Beer Scout Knife in sawn bone my wife got me for a birthday. She called knivesshipfree and talked to Derrick :( and he recommended it. That Beer Scout Knife is the coolest knife own, bar none.
  3. frakncylons

    Can it be fixed?

    This was an early 2000s model so I think pre-GEC. My GECs still blow the queen out of the water.
  4. frakncylons

    Can it be fixed?

    Just saw made in China. I say get a ball peen hammer and play with it. If you don’t succeed, toss it.
  5. frakncylons

    Can it be fixed?

    I’ve fixed a similar problem on a Queen slippy. It involves peening the pivot pin on the bolsters a bit at a time until it tightens up. Afterwards, the bolster has to be sanded to the requisite finish. This was done on a knife that was fine other than being a little loose side to side in the...
  6. frakncylons

    Beretta 21a (blued) 22lr

    Sell it fast, beretta announced a threaded version is coming out.
  7. frakncylons

    NC S&W M29-2 6" SPF

    I think ben10mm got a good price and you sold it quickly without any drama. Good deal on both ends.
  8. frakncylons

    knife suggestions

    This guy right here sounds like he gets women. I wouldn't know because I don't, but I think he does.
  9. frakncylons

    NC S&W M29-2 6" SPF

    Stupid sleep making me miss deals
  10. frakncylons

    Umbrella Weapons Research lower (47th one made)

    Bout the same as any other lower I’d reckon
  11. frakncylons

    knife suggestions

    The budget option is the Rat 2 in D2. Great knife. $40
  12. frakncylons

    knife suggestions

    This is what I was going to suggest. If it were me, I’d get the orange handle and RIT dye it to fade to purple.
  13. frakncylons

    Smith and Wesson 686-3 - CLOSED -

    I’d wonder about that finish. “Mirror polish” could end up being fudd with a buffing wheel and the end result looks like a used bar of soap. Just food for thought.
  14. frakncylons

    Another lightweight build

  15. frakncylons

    Another lightweight build

    This is probably pretty light.
  16. frakncylons

    Another lightweight build

    I built one a couple years ago. I wanted affordable, simple, reliable, and light. I was also able to utilize some parts I already had and got a great deal on the barrel from a forum member. Standard lower and lower parts with CMC trigger and I think H1 buffer MFT minimalist stock. Slick side...
  17. frakncylons


    I really like what he is doing with the Islander brand. It's nice to see a modern American small business owner succeed.
  18. frakncylons

    Amateur tinkerer thread

    Here's another one I've been farting around with for awhile. It started life as an express with extended magazine. The most obvious changes are getting rid of the extended tube and going to a Hogue short LOP stock and fore end. The OEM stock must be made for a giant. This one is a little too...
  19. frakncylons

    Gavannealed ta-50 locker

    I would like to point out that I initially thought I was posting on his for sale ad, not the appraisal section. As we’re in the appraisal section, I acknowledge that discussion is more acceptable than it otherwise would be in the BST. The asking price on the for sale thread seemed reasonable...
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