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  1. SDIVER2006

    NC/SC CFF Pass it on Box of stuff

    I’m in too... I will be sending out the old one saturday
  2. SDIVER2006

    NC/SC CFF Pass it on Box of stuff

    @Dwight Pitts i guess ur next I can get it in the mail Friday to you Pm address
  3. SDIVER2006

    NC/SC CFF Pass it on Box of stuff

    I have the original box... Who is next?
  4. SDIVER2006

    knife suggestions

    @HMP I would look at the PEC made by TCT KNIVES in Fayetteville
  5. SDIVER2006

    New Puppy, Help me name it?

  6. SDIVER2006

    SOLD CZ Scorpion, Tailhook brace, extras and upgrades

    Crap!!! Only if I did not have to spend money on my sons wedding i would be all over it like a fat kid to cake
  7. SDIVER2006

    Passing of a member: Mushu Gordon

    I met him online at the other site, and bought some stuff from him, had lunch. Great guy... Rest In Peace Sir
  8. SDIVER2006

    SOLD WTT SBA4 Brace

    Do u not like the 4?
  9. SDIVER2006

    Welcome to the VA help forum.

    I work in now work in risk management @ the hospital, and this involves chart reviews, and in the past year I have reviewed charts on 14 active duty suicides...there is no pattern no age demographic, or mech of’s really rough since these kids are sooo young...
  10. SDIVER2006

    We warned you bumpstocks were the beginning

    That’s cuze people kept poking the bear
  11. SDIVER2006

    Myrtle Beach Police Officer Killed

    That’s horrible... I was in murder beach for sons bachelor party...was all over the place and out till 400am Friday and shootouts in my area
  12. SDIVER2006

    SOLD AKC German Shepherd puppies

    1 week late I just bought a papered dobie..
  13. SDIVER2006

    Big Doins

  14. SDIVER2006

    SOLD Romanian Ak Pistol

    Dumb question so please forgive me... What makes this a pistol as opposed to a rifle without a butt stock?
  15. SDIVER2006

    Sling suggestions for an AR pistol

  16. SDIVER2006

    The Little Kid Things You (Still) Do

    Still laugh when I bust ass in bed (makes the wife mad) peels the crust off my sammiches watch seasonal cartoon ie Charlie Brown and looney tunes
  17. SDIVER2006

    Secret Santa

    I’m in for a secret Santa
  18. SDIVER2006

    list the essential 80's and 90's movies

    Band of the hand Park is mine Office and a gentleman Porky’s The last dragon Robin cops
  19. SDIVER2006

    Entield MP 45

    That’s kool lookin
  20. SDIVER2006

    Ginsburg dead?

    The memes for this are gonna be RUTHless BWAHAHAHAHAHhahaha
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