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  1. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD 12 gauge buckshot

    I purchased these awhile back and have no use for it. Looking to recoup my money. I have seven boxes of ten rounds for $100.
  2. Daniel Honeycutt


    I’m fixing to add some ammo to my wife’s yard sale tomorrow and I want to know what the going price is. I have some noblesport law enforcement 12 gauge buckshot (10 to a box) and some random 4-500 round standard boxes of 22lr. I bought this Ammo several years ago and have no idea of the current...
  3. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Kimber micro 9 reduced to $500

    This kimber micro 9mm is in perfect. My cash price $500 trade interest: Glock 19 Springfield xdm 40sw Smith Wesson mp 40 Bigger frame 1911 Revolver 357,44,45lc HK vp9 or usp Home defense 12 gauge Send other trade offers
  4. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Mossberg model 835 12gauge $250

    I picked this up from an estate sale a few years ago and have no Idea of round count. It doesn’t appear to me that it has been shot and I have not shot it. 28” barrel and chambered for 2 3/4 through 3.5” shells This would make a great first shotgun. reduced to $250
  5. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Marlin 1894 44 mag/special

    I picked this up through trade on here a little more than a year ago. Don’t know the backstory but I have fired a box of shells through it with no issues. I’m interested in getting $600 cash/trade. I live twenty minutes east of Raleigh and spend every Monday and Tuesday in wake forest. I have...
  6. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Silver dollars

    I have 19 silver dollars from 1971, one from 1972, fifty cent piece from 76, quarter from 68. I thought I would ask here if anyone would be interested in these before I take to the bank. I know some people like to hold on to this type of thing and I wanted to give them a chance. for $20...
  7. Daniel Honeycutt

    Gun holster for pickup

    I’m not sure of the correct section for this question but here I go!!! I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 that I’m interested in installing gun mounts. I want to install a pistol mount under the dash and something to hold an ar pistol on top of the transmission hump in front of radio. Any information...
  8. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Kimber micro 380 magazine

    I bought this by accident a couple of years ago thinking it was for 9mm. If you can use it I will give it to you. Located in the Raleigh area. All I ask is for you to help someone else out
  9. Daniel Honeycutt

    NC Looking for a 40

    I’m trying to find an inexpensive semi double stack chambered in 40. Preferably something in the 4-5”. I’m getting this for my father-in-law and his budget is $500. I need to keep it to the 40 caliber because he already has around 500 rounds of the ammo. Raleigh area
  10. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD 300 win mag ammo

    I have four boxes of Fusion 180gr. I paid 36.95 per box and I’m asking $100 for all four. I would prefer to trade for something else in the $100 price range. I’m not picky but I like cool sh*t. If you’re interested in trading ammo I have these calibers 9, 45, 6.5, and 300bo. Located 20 minutes...
  11. Daniel Honeycutt

    NC G19 double mag carrier

    Looking for a good double mag carrier in the Raleigh area for my Glock. New or gently used doesn’t matter
  12. Daniel Honeycutt

    Light replacement

    The led light in my garage was recently damaged due to a lightning strike behind my house. Now I need to replace the fixture. My question is, if I wanted to replace this standard led fixture with a fluorescent light, would it be difficult? I posted a picture of the current fixture.
  13. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Smith Wesson 38spl

    Smith Wesson 38spl model 642 I bought this new about one year ago and have never used it. This would be a great short range self defense weapon. I also have a box of self defense Ammo I’ll include with it. Asking $400 trade or cash
  14. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD 9mm ammo

    I have a 1,000 round case of federal. Asking $300 located 20 minutes east of Raleigh
  15. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Springfield xdm 9mm

    This is the 4.5” model and comes with 6 magazines. Like new condition. Asking $500 and I’ll include a box of ammo to get you started. Located 20 minutes east of Raleigh
  16. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Springfield xde 9mm

    I have a Springfield xde 9mm. I bought this gun new a little over a year ago and have never fired it or carried it. This would be great for concealed carry or home defense. I’m asking $450. Located twenty minutes east of Raleigh
  17. Daniel Honeycutt

    Ammo prices

    It has been difficult to gauge the value of Ammo. When I look online the prices for 9mm fmj have been all over the board and everyone is out of stock. I was wanting to sell a 500 round box of blazer and I didn’t want to rip someone off. But I also don’t want to help someone out and watch them...
  18. Daniel Honeycutt

    SOLD Springfield emp4 9mm

    This gun is in excellent condition and needs to find a new home. I have shot around 50 rounds through it and functions perfect. I’m currently transitioning away from the 1911 format and no longer need/want this. This gun comes with the original box/paperwork along with 3 factory magazines...
  19. Daniel Honeycutt

    Framing gun dewalt cordless vs everyone else

    I’m looking at investing in a framing nailer and want some opinions from the “pros”. I do a lot of domestic mission work through out the year with my church and local baptist association and want to invest in a framing gun. Recently I had the opportunity to borrow a cordless dewalt and loved it...
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