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  1. SDIVER2006

    Life is good

    Wife is outta town I have tombstone pizza Miller lite and Police academy on the tube
  2. SDIVER2006

    Well this sux

    Went home from work Thursday sick, slept until Friday at noon Drank Thera flu slept till Saturday mid morning.. muscle aches Fever Peeing out my ass to the point I’m sleepin in the spare room so I don’t crap the bed -no Covid sx though cannot remember last time I felt like this that’s all...
  3. SDIVER2006


    So I went fishing this am, And as per usual I basically just sat there asi never catch so on the way home I stopped at the local wal-mart as I needed beer... The Greeter lady Sir you need a mask to enter... I informed her that I do not.. .she looked pissed off, as the other...
  4. SDIVER2006


    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here
  5. SDIVER2006

    Well did not plan on this

    Got off of work early, let the dogs out.. Grabbed a sack of Doritos, and a dirt bag ale I’m 7 cans in and I’m feeling purdy good....7.2% etoh each can...might as well finish the last 5 prolly not gonna feel to good later ifn I keep drinkn...Oh well bottoms up..
  6. SDIVER2006

    AR LOGO’s

    Ok proofessors Is there any restrictions to filling in a logo?? if so what would be the best way to fill it in thanks SDIVER2006
  7. SDIVER2006

  8. SDIVER2006

    Total BS

    So someone at my hospital cleaned out 6 boxes of each Small/medium/large N95 masks from the OR supply room, and Cardinal is on back order until APRIL That’s messed up.. Could not take the standard Surgical Masks..we have tons of them shits
  9. SDIVER2006


    So back in 1999 I picked up this .45 acp star megastar, at a local pawn shop/ shot it a few time, and put it away. Then I took it out to clean it went to field strip it and the lil what cha Macallit that you push thru to remove the slide pushed out and the spring fell into the slide. I could not...
  10. SDIVER2006


    I’m off the net for the next few days Family arrived... Merry Christmas ..
  11. SDIVER2006

    My Merry Christmas GAW thread

    So I’m in the spirit, so what I want to do for you filthy animals going to do is giveaway **box of 115 grain 9mm defender ammo **T-shirt from defender ammo...u pick size color **20.00 gift card from defender ammo **Shipping is included.... Comment “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals” **I...
  12. SDIVER2006

    Christmas Thingie

    Was there gonna be a Christmas giveaway game like last year?
  13. SDIVER2006

    Upper question 300 BO

    So I’m looking at getting a 300 BO upper, so a few questions 1) Are the PSA ones any good? 2) what’s the Recoil? For the wife 3)What’s the better length between 7-10 inches Used for Range toy, and for the house.. As always thanks guys
  14. SDIVER2006

    Snoopy good fellas
  15. SDIVER2006

    Text messages

    Been getting these texts today it’s the 3rd one....anyone else....also I never gave them my number Join C&E Gun Shows at the Fayetteville, NC, Gun Show, Oct. 5 & 6, Sat:9-5, Sun:10-5. Show this text for $1.00 off admission fee. To opt out reply STOP
  16. SDIVER2006

    NC 308 barrel

    any one have a 11.5/12.5 ar Barrel fo sale
  17. SDIVER2006


    FML Forced to walk around a mall in Charlotte, This is Painful
  18. SDIVER2006

    live pd Friday night

    @ 11 mins in the Lawrence indiana swat team was stacking up.. And the Leo is rockin a old SB brace on his
  19. SDIVER2006


    anyone have idea on these marks It’s a low sn low 700 followed by a star then 1947 But the marks say PRK
  20. SDIVER2006

    Optic cut question

    are all of the optic sizes different? Is there a way or know anyone who can mill a slide to accept various red dots. -RMR -doctor -Burris I hate the though of not being able to upgrade or change to a different brand
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