SC .22 combo offering (Buckmark & 10/22)

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    2D060351-6840-4F7E-B892-8A1AA228DFEC.jpeg 56D3F073-D9F2-406A-81AC-F235C2E2626F.jpeg AD7D66FD-E317-4024-B5BC-66D43BD36F49.jpeg A1837698-2A4C-4B65-B529-44253C8D9C01.jpeg Have a couple .22’s sitting around that I don’t have any emotional attachment to. I typically don’t sell/trade but figured why not with these.

    The 10/22 is BNIB (yes, never fired) Standard wood stock and pencil barrel. (Basically bought for the action, but i can’t stop reaching for my .17’s so it’s just sat)

    The Buckmark is a slabside with no box and unknown round count. I haven’t shot this one myself, just threw it in the safe. I have the one mag that came with it and 2 new mags still in the packages.

    Price since I have too: $650, but would like to trade for a lever action. Preferably a 30-30 “JM” stamped Marlin but will entertain any trade offers.

    Located in Rock Hill, SC

    Edit: Pics added. Excuse my lack of photography “skills”
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