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Dec 17, 2016
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Thank you, Scott, for another A++ experience. From no BS advice and assistance with the NFA paperwork process through order and delivery, the service was outstanding. Communication....which I think is critically important for NFA stuff...was always quick, to the point and accurate.

Anyone looking for an NFA dealer would be well served to give Tarheel a call.
Awesome service! Very cordial and pleasant to talk to and deal with. My deal started out as only a transfer and ended up with Scott offering to see about getting the rifle and suppressor for me at a savings and doing so did in fact save me some money.
Totally agree. I‘ve purchased from THSF a couple times and had great experiences. I almost bought my last suppressor at another shop, but wasn’t happy with their process. Went back to THSF and am glad i did.
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