NC Carpenter and Plumber needed in Southeast Guilford County

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    Southeast Guilford County, NC
    Closing in a few days on a on frame modular home in southeast Guilford County. This is a foreclosure property and needs some renovation. Will be a rental property for a family member, not a flip.

    This is a frame, vinyl siding home. My wife would like to remove a window in great room and add either a french door or a 36 inch door. The existing back door opens into laundry space.

    Would require reframing the window and surrounding wall to accomodate door. Need either work completely done or some detailed instruction. May be a little beyond my skill set and want it done corretly and safely.

    Will be adding a deck outside for door to open onto.

    Also need some plumbing help in renovation of master bath, replacing shower pan

    PM me if you can do this type of work or if you can recommend a dependable, skilled person.