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Drill of the Month - February 2020

Discussion in 'Training Classes' started by Fortitude Consulting, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. svtf150

    svtf150 NLimbo Benefactor Supporting Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    Joco NC
    Excellent feedback and you are spot on.
    My grip before the reload was the "new to me" grip I've been trying to burn in this year, and my grip after the reload was the grip I'm trying to get away from.
    (support hand index finger in front of and on the trigger guard)

    I was using a timer and can provide that data using this method.
    I connected phone to my boombox, volume maxed out, shot timer sensitivity maxed out, timer tight up against speaker grill,
    instant start on timer at start beep on video and here's that data: doesn't really matter but was .14 early when I started it:

    1st shot 1.61
    2nd .83
    3rd .80
    4th .74
    5th .69
    Trans .90
    7th .78
    8th .80
    9th .71
    10th .74
    reload 3.43
    12th 1.48
    13th 1.18
    add .14 to time to 1st shot and should equal my time to complete the drill @14.83. Sorry....I'm OCD like thato_O:eek:

    Yeah, watching stage videos from the few matches I've shot it's either bullseye mode (slow and fairly accurate) or blasting at brown (fast and no accuracy).
    Havn't found the happy medium yet.
    And yes, I am serious about bettering my shooting, health issues set me back last year. Now it's a new year and trying to just get back to where I was isn't coming easy, especially when I'm not consistent with even the basics.
    Thanks for your feedback.
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  2. Millie

    Millie Get on with your life!!! Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2017
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    The story of my life.....lol.
  3. Fortitude Consulting

    Fortitude Consulting Active Member Sponsor

    Oct 2, 2018
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    Charlotte, NC
    Nice. So, getting a chance to look at the raw numbers, I actually like your splits. While they are about .30 of a second behind what I would prefer to see on this drill, the good thing is they are fairly consistent. Which mean, once you start to whittle away at the time on other things, your splits will actually follow suit.

    The two things I would recommend focusing on the most, for now, would be your draw and transition from target to target. That 1.70+ draw can easily get down into the less than 1.50 range, which is where you want to be on a target of this size. Accordingly, the transition should be right around a .50 or less.

    The reload time I am okay with also, for now. That's not a terrible time for a reload, taking into consideration your transition to shooting on the smaller target just after the reload. Again, working the transition, from box to box will have a residual effect here as well.

    What is the best way to work these skills? Dry fire......hands down. It is also the most economical as well. Post up this target in your dry fire area and work on draws to an acceptable sight picture, with the trigger prepped, but don't break the shot. Exactly how Steve teaches dry fire. Do that for 3-5 min.

    Then, start out with the gun up and on the first box, either one, and practice transitioning your eyes to the second box (first) and then bring the sights to your eyes, stopping at the exact point you are looking at. You will keep the trigger prepped the entire time you have the gun up in front of you and while you are doing the transitions. The only time your finger comes out of the trigger guard is if you take a break and bring the gun off target during the practice. Do that for 2 min, without the timer. Then put a par time of .80 seconds on the timer. On the first beep you are moving off the first box, with the goal of your eyes focusing, sights coming over to your eyes and being on target for an acceptable shot before the second beep sounds. When you make the par time 5 times in a row, knock a tenth off and set the par for .70 seconds.

    Give that a shot, let me know if anything needs clarification and let us all know how it works out for you!
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