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Dec 16, 2016
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I've had a couple of people ask my thoughts on the girsan hipower I ran this weekend so I thought I write a my thoughts in a thread
When I first got it it had the magazine disconnect
it made the trigger gritty and you could feel the grinding through your trigger finger.
Since i wanted to run it in idpa I removed the safety so the mag would drop free and this stopped the grinding feeling
the trigger is still heavy but is smoothing out .
They're a couple of aftermarket triggers floating around but putting a 200 trigger in a 400.00 gun isn't something I think I'm gonna do.
The fixed sights are great and dead on out the box .
The white front sight with two white bars on the rear sight is really easy to pick up.
Guns a little heavy being all steel and holding 15 rounds
I've got a lw pi version which is their detective version on order
Couple of other things the safety is kinda flat since I shot cocked and locked I worried about missing it and not getting it off but I had more trouble getting it on than off .
Second gripe is the gun has no beaver tail and my hand rides really high on the rear of the gun so the web of my hand took a beating
Overall though I love the gun.
Finished second in accuracy with it at the match and best finish with the 1911 all year had been 5th.
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I've heard good things about the Girsan. Decades ago I wanted a Hi Power but I cheaped out and got a FEG clone. It did not satisfy the itch. I thought about getting the new FN Hi Power - my logic being since FN owns the Hi Power brand, it is the official version. But it's a pretty far deviation from the original. The Girsan is not that much of a deviation...and the price point is better than FN or Springfield. @S4f thanks for the honest review.
@S4f How hard was it to get the magazine disconnect out on yours?
It was a pita even though there's plenty of you tube videos that make it look easy
The roll pin in mine did not want to come out.
Tried a brass punch and brass hammer and it wouldn't budge.
So I took it to a friend's and used a nail set and a bigger hammer.
After you get the roll pin out of the trigger group it's smooth sailing .
If you plan to try it yourself tape the gun up good before you start
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