Prime Rib

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    Every year between Christmas and new years prime rib goes on sale for about $5 a lb. This year I bought about 40 lbs and cut it up into smaller pieces and froze it in the vacuum sealer bags. Today I decided it was time to cook some up and I did it a bit different . Normally I would season and throw it in the oven, or season it with garlic/onion powder maybe some Montreal steak seasoning and cook it over charcoal. Today, I rooting around the seasoning drawer and found some Memphis BBQ seasoning powder. So I coated the chunk with this and seared all sides over the charcoal directly, then moved it away from the coals and finished the cook indirectly with a good bit of hickory wood for flavor unit I hit 130 internal and let it rest for 30 min..Im now a bit fan of Memphis dry rub and lots of hickory. This was worth eating and cant wait till May when I defrost the next piece.
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