RFL?, Woman’s Unsubstantiated Claim, cops drew their guns on an unarmed man

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    People often ask me about the balance of reporting, well, when you have A&E and hour long shows like cops, do you ever see corrupt and criminal cops displayed? Well, yes, sometimes you do, like in the clip above, though they are portrayed as lawful.

    However, notice something.

    This is a clear case of “he-said-she-said.”

    There is no evidence that this guy said any of the things the woman claimed he said.

    Not only does he seem oblivious to the wife’s claims, but so do the other people in the house, including the woman’s mother.

    Yet, cops drew their guns on an unarmed man and started barking out orders with nothing to go on but a woman’s unsubstantiated claim.

    Furthermore, they went in his home without a warrant, confiscated his guns, a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment, and put him under arrest.

    This is not only what many states are promoting as lawful, but what members of Congress are promoting and the president of the united States!

    It is lawless and it is criminal.

    Additionally, the claim that the police officer makes about this man having a gun lock on his rifle being “responsible” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    It’s actually one of the most irresponsible things one can do with a gun.

    It makes it a very expensive rock or club and nothing more.

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    I dont put a lot of faith into these "reality" shows. They seem all to scripted for the camera.
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    As a former resident of Rhode Island that worked for and with Local and Federal Law Enforcement that doesn't surprise me. The state is very anti 2A and it was hard enough to get a Blue Card to own a firearm let alone get a CCW when I was there.

    Red flag laws have been the norm there long before they were called that. If a family member made a complaint that you intended to hurt youself you had two choices when Officers arrived, go to the hospital or go to jail. And in a reported domestic violence situation someone was going to jail for the night even in a he said she said situation without any proof that something had occured. It was considered better to be safe than sorry.

    Did that mean sometimes people get caught up in the system that didn't need to to be, yes. Was it wrong? Yes, but that was just the way it was there, the State was always right.

    As far the comment about the gun lock is reflective of the idea that you really don't need a gun for home defense. Pay your high taxes, obey the State and you will be taken care of. I can't tell you how happy I was to escape RI when I retired.
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    Wanna watch some sketchy stuff, watch the the Alaska Troopers one. Either their laws are nuts or they just don't worry about that stuff much, not sure which.
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    Sad state of our society....we can't believe the cops, we can't believe the criminals, we can't believe citizens...
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