Savage 1899/99 barrel values


Feb 7, 2024
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I have a Savage 1899 takedown in 22hp.

I also have 2 extra barrels. One 30-30 and one 250-3000.
I recently had someone offer to buy the 250-3000.
Since no one makes these barrels (in any caliber), you have to find originals if you're looking for one, and they're not very plentiful.

Anyone have any opinion on values.

just curious.
My barrel is in better condition than that one. The guy offered 100.00 for mine.

I wasn't really thinking of selling the extras, but to use either one I would need to find the matching rotary magazines and convert mine (worth more as the 22hp) or look for other complete actions to build.
Yes. I would prefer either of my extras to be a .308 instead. The 30-30 if I had a choice. lol

Although I normally hunt big game with a bolt action 30-06 (.223 for deer on occasion), I like the 308 round and have a Browning BLR in that caliber.
I just want .308. Because it's common. I have a 300 Savage that I really like but the ammo has gotten really expensive.
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