NC/SC Tangfolio EAA Witness Elite Match 10mm

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    Waxhaw NC
    Mint Condition Tangfolio EAA Witness Elite Match 10mm - $1,400

    local sale only - for NC (need CCW/permit), for SC (local SC FFL to Waxhaw NC)

    Still have all original parts and case(with manual and cleaning kit), however customized via the Henning Shop.

    The package includes the following:
    -Henning Shop Checkered Aluminum grips
    -Henning Shop Flat trigger
    -Henning Shop Conefit guide rod
    -Henning Shop lightweight x-long firing pin
    -Henning Shop BattleHook front and rear site (have original rear site installed currently)
    -Henning Shop Brass shock buffer (2)
    -UM Tactical site mount for red dot
    -UM tactical holster that fit with site mount
    -Wolff recoil springs in 16, 18 and 20lbs load rating
    -Original Tangfolio grips, trigger sites, guide rod & spring
    -(3) 14 round mags

    Open to trades in which cash may trade both ways:
    -STI DVC 2011
    -Desert Eagle in 44 or 357 magnum
    -Marlin (1894 SBL) or Henry(all weather or x series) in 44 or 357 magnum

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