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    So I've been inactive on the board for a while, mainly just checking in and lurking for a bit.

    We've been having discussions in the NSSA about the decline of shooting sports and a decline in marksmanship and what to do about it. We ran the instructor project with the Scouts this summer and it was a great success. So much so that it's going to be greatly expanded for Instructor 2.0 next spring. There are lots of things that need to get done in order to expand on the level we're trying for.

    Currently, there is a severe shortage in certified NRA/NMLRA Black Powder Instructors. We're working to put a dent in that by training new instructors every year going forward. This is a fairly rare certification. Our goal is to produce 30 new instructors every year for the next 5 years. To that end, a couple of us are going to work towards becoming NRA Training Counselors as well so we can keep this rolling in coming years. To that end, we're putting on a large Muzzleloading Instructor certification class this winter in Winchester VA. Again, this is not a commonly available credential. If you're interested in attending, please PM me.

    We're also establishing relationships with youth organizations like Scouts, Royal Rangers, Trail Life, etc who have black powder/muzzleloading programs. I have met with several and this is starting to grow.

    We're working on more grant and donor support for logistics and guns for the youth to shoot with. Guns, powder, lead and other parts aren't free nor cheap.

    If we're to preserve our 2A rights, we have to start with the youth. They aren't being educated but indoctrinated and we have to put an end to that. Far too many of us are only interested in our little corner of the shooting sports world and aren't doing anything to counteract the problems. This is our way of working on that and we believe in going big or going home.
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    If by "going big or going home" then NRA is knocking it out of the park by charging ever increasing "renewal fees" to existing certified instructors. No additional training offered to achieve a higher certification but those renewal fees are ever present. Charging me year after year for the same thing I paid for in the beginning.
    From a personal standpoint I have stopped the renewal cycle and if they declare it expired, so be it.... And you wonder why there aren't many new people seeking certifications.....
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    While I agree that the NRA is a ... er, "compromise" of an organization, and I let my annual membership lapse intentionally, I went ahead and renewed my RSO certification at the higher, non-member rate anyway.

    Scam? Maybe. They got my money anyway? Yep. But my certification is 'current' with what is, quite frankly, the only game in town as far as a meaningful certification for Average Joes Like Me is concerned. (This is by no means meant to be a slight to any of the high quality training available. I just haven't seen any other organizations whose certifications are officially valid to such organizations as the Scouts or a local range that has to have insurance, etc.)

    As lacking as the NRA may be, I applaud @Dave951 's efforts to rally us around the noble goal of educating and bringing new shooters into the fold. I hope we are smart enough to draw a functional distinction between bashing the NRA/ Wayne LaPocketbook/Board of Misdirectors (which may well be deserved) and the necessary evil of working with the one organization whose training/certification is a key element in expanding awareness and participation in our firearms heritage through nationally organized youth groups.

    If there is an alternative to NRA certification that would be accepted by the Scouts, Royal Rangers, Trail Life, etc., I'd be glad to hear about it.

    I would like to take the BP certification course in Winchester, but the distance may be too great for me this time.
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