Tract scopes and bino's.

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    Jan 5, 2019
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    I have picked up one of the new Tract precision scopes 4 x 20 30mm. This scope is great. The glass is so good. I have had some great glass over the years but I have learned a lot about Schott Glass recently. Some of the high end Japanese glass is good, but the European glass is where it is at. I have had Meopta, Swaro, and S&B. Come to find out that Schott is the glass supplier for the high end companies. The glass is purchased and the high end companies have their own coatings that are the secrets that are held very tight industry secrets. This Tract scope is well worth the money. I first purchased their top of the line bino's with the Schott glass and was so impressed that I sold my Swaro's.

    Tract is a direct purchase company with no middleman. The reason for the great prices. If there was a middleman involved , the prices would be double, the quality is that good.