NC Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8, Athlon Argos 1-4, Trijicon Reflex

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    Winston Salem, N.C.
    I have:

    Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x w/ an old Primary Arms mount. Used but in nice condition. $325

    Athlon Argos 1-4 - mounted but never shot. Comes with an Athlon mount. It is First Focal Plain with the MOA reticle. Box included in great condition. $285

    Trijicon Reflex. The reflex is old but in wonderful condition. Dot is amber. Tritium is still bright even in day time use. Weaver shade and rail mount included as well as the box. (SOLD)

    Located in Winston Salem. Text me for pictures or you can swing by the classroom and check it out. 336-529-4019.
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