Woman accompanied by child killed after opening fire inside famed pastor Joel Osteen's church

I saw an interview with the police chief about this on the local news just now. The suspect was “approximately” 30 to 35 years old; the child with her was “approximately” 5 to 6 years old. 🙄
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Possibility child was shot by off duty officers.
It looks like some of the articles are being updated, making it harder to separate early if-it-bleeds-it-leads stuff from edited and carefully reported stuff. (edit) dig for your archives now, because before long, only the "official story" will remain.

I'm not at all shocked though. Remember the pulse nightclub shooting? early on in the investigation the police said they believed some of the victims were probably shot by the police because they had to fire blindly through walls and such. a lot of those articles got scrubbed later on, in an effort to make the trained professionals look like they had done everything perfectly. Similarly, the mandalay bay started referring to the number of injured rather than the number of shot. much better story for the history books that way, and everything else goes down the memory hole.
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I wonder if people in El Salvador consider themselves non-Hispanic?
well, since both words in their friggin country name are hispanic...
it's possible the shooter was still more tied into indigenous heritage, but almost certainly would still be hispanic whether they identify that way or not.

In other news...
(NYPD training budget was slashed under Bloomers. Bystander shootings by police went up steadily ever since.)
I was thinking of this case
when i stumbled on this case
and this case
and also this case
and now i'm thinking about starting a whole 'nother thread that some members will get touchy about
Off duty cops. That explains the two innocent people shot. The cops have no fear of being charged. Mere mortal civilians train a lot more just to be sure that do not strike innocent people.
(NYPD training budget was slashed under Bloomers. Bystander shootings by police went up steadily ever since.)
More likely cause are people are now trained to take videos when something happens rather than getting the heck out of there than police training or “cops have no fear of being charged nonsense “.
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I think it was the other way around. Woman who wanted to be a "Jeff". The whole story is almost as confused as were/was.
News conference.

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