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    Jul 16, 2018
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    I have a few Boker tree brand commemorative knives that I want to move out.
    These three are Heroes of the south series; Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis commemoratives.
    These knives are unused, never carried, never cleaned condition.
    I also have a Boker lock back and fixed blade as pictured.
    I have had these and others for many years but some of the plain carbon Stockman type knives (not pictured) are showing some deterioration and blade rust. Time for them all to go.
    The folder is a Boker 2000 and the fixed blade is a # 512. Both are 440C stainless.
    I would like to trade the lot for a 9mm all metal full size handgun. Nothing fancy, just something like a Ruger 89 or one of the Taurus Beretta clones.
    I am in North Raleigh and would be willing to travel 45 minutes or so to make a swap. If you have something to trade but do not feel the knives are a comparable value, email me and maybe I can add some cash if its something I really want.
    Because I am looking for a handgun, transaction will have to be FTF. I have a CCP so no issues there. I MIGHT consider a .45 acp also. Thanks for looking
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    That last little fixed blade is a beauty. If you part it out, let me know.

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