Customer Reviews of Tar Heel State Firearms. THSF

I sent a total of 4 SBRs for engraving, one was a CZ scorpion which has polymer frame, no problem at all, nice and clean engraving and a very short turnaround time, I shipped from Raleigh and got them back within a week or so every time, job well done.
I bought my first suppressor from Scott in January. Great guy to deal with and I am in the planning stages for a return trip down south to get a couple more cans from him.
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Scott is great. Bought my first and following cans from him. He engraved my first can with trust name it was flawless.

A couple more cans are hanging out waiting for approvals. When my pending form1s are approved I’ll have him engrave them.

It’s a 5 hour round trip for me and we’ll worth every minute.
I bought a B&T GHM9 from Tarheel a little over a month ago, and couldn't be happier.

Didn't feel like making the ~3 hour drive so I had it shipped. He easily had the best price on it, and engraved it free of charge. I expected the engraving to take a day or so, but it was shipped within a couple hours of ordering. Almost took me that long to find where he hid the engraving. 🤣
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