Request access to Politics

Alright. I'll request access, since all the cool people are doing it.
Want to talk politics?

Request access here. Same rules as before this will be for CIVIL discussion of politics. Read me is stickied in the section.

This is a closed section for politics, it's open to anyone that requests access. We had many requests to not have a political section, and even more for it to be private. So the new section is requested access and hidden from those that do not want to see it.

Side note: Second Amendment related political posts are still fair game in the News section obviously it involves us all at that point.

Ask away.

Studentofthegun gets his turn in the barrel with this section. Play nice!

Can I get access, please? I promise to be civil and only say "bless your heart" at the dumbest of comments.
Requesting access. Seems like a fun time.
You’re in. I checked a couple new boxes for you. If you see something you don’t wanna see anymore, send me a PM and I’ll fix it.
Mind if I enter the fray?
Requesting access to politics 🫡
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